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Tutoring and workshops for school and university.


What is it like to tutor with Preeva?

Why tutor at Preeva?

Our culture

We are more like a family than a business and everyone from a new tutor to the CEO are treated the same - with love.


Gain valuable work experience for the next phase of your life.

Great clients

All Preeva clients are rated by the tutors and not only the other way around.

Teach and learn

We believe that the best way to learn is to teach, and tutoring can help your own studies.

Give back

Join the Preeva Foundation, and help us to give tutoring to the poor, who need it most.

Boosted CV

Top tutors all get an official personalised reference letter for their CV.

Earn well

Get paid fairly, 100% accurately and on time, every time.

Powerful App

The Preeva app is the country’s most efficient session logging system making all of your admin disappear.

What kind of tutoring can you do?

Individual Lessons


Earn per Minute

Shared Lessons


Earn per Minute

* Up to 80% more per hour


Test & exam prep
Writing skills

Earn per Workshop

How much can you earn?

You, our tutors are the most important part of the Preeva family. This is why we pay you the fairest rates in the industry.

All new tutors start of earning Level 1 pay rates (from R135.00 ph) and can work their way to a Level 5 tutor (up to R300.00 ph) by reaching milestones in the form of number of hours tutored.

Want to be part of the family?

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